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Complete residential and
commercial painting

Pacheco Painting has been in business in San Mateo, California, for years and is committed to making your home or business a place of beauty and elegance at an affordable price. From the basement to your top floor,
or from the lobby to your office, there is no job we
can’t handle.

Whether interior or exterior, commercial or residential, Pacheco Painting caters to its clients to ensure a safe environment. And we also specialize in commercial and industrial painting, epoxy, spray painting, and home improvements, offering you the best professional
service available.

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We work for you

As a reputable and well-recognized business with years of experience in painting, drywall, and tiling services, we guarantee you full integrity and promise you a cosmetic appearance to suit your choice.

We'll let you know what needs to be done, but before moving on we make sure what we’re going to do is what you want.

Single story

paint and labor: $2500

Two story

paint and labor: $3200



Pacheco Painting, dedicated to making your home, condo or apartment beautiful, is  a cut above the rest. From the basement to your top floor there is not a job we can’t handle. We’ll do drywall, wall surface repair, and complete multi-painting services that you can
rely on.

We have professionals with years of experience, along with painting designers that help you make the best choice. 

house and office

We are experts in commercial and house painting, providing
both interior and
exterior painting at competitive pricing.

Our team of professional painters completes the quality painting you
expect in a fair and reasonable timeline.

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painting needs.


Plus, our eco-friendly painting service guarantees our paint will not have a negative impact on the environment and your family or staff.
That means no harsh odors or fumes to affect pregnant woman or pets.

You’ll have nothing to worry about when you return at the end of the day to your freshly painted home
or office.

look like a success

Commercial and industrial painting add so much to a home or business. Old or damaged paint not only looks sad, it is also viewed as a reflection on the home or business, and the abilities of the people who live or work there.

A damaged, scratched or stained wall looks unclean. A wall that fits well with a home or business, whether dark or light or shiny and clean, makes the house more like a home, and
the business more like
a success.

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(510) 331-3601


San Mateo, CA 94403


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Monday to Saturday: 8 am to 8 pm
Sunday: 8 am to 8h30 pm

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